Discover the importance familiars can play in your occult and witchcraft practices to bring about a world of positive benefits to the spells you cast and the rituals you plan to perform. The visualization of a witches? familiar brings forth images of black cats laying by a smoking cauldron and an aged crone taking to the air with her evil feline on the way to a Satanic mass. This misconceived concept is in part due to dishonest media bias and total ignorance of the subject and the personal use of familiars in the work of spiritual practitioners and shamans worldwide. Although familiars can be used in what people identify as the ?left hand path,? they seem to forget that familiars can also be used in helping with healing, assisting in relationships going well, and in obtaining prosperity. As the author indicates, ?Nature is neutral. The person doing a spell is the individual responsible for its negative or positive influence.? A 10″ x 7″ soft cover book with 160 pages by Maria D’Andrea.

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Witchcraft, Occult & How to Select a Familiar

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