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Connect With Your Inner Goddess: Flow With The Moon Phases

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What is so important about the moon phases?
I have been talking about who the Goddess is for a while. So I now want to shift our focus to how does one go about connecting with the energy of her inner Goddess.
One of the most effective ways that I have used to connect with the Great Mother is to align how I operate with the phases of the moon.
You see when we work with this goddess energy, essentially we are tuning into cycles. Goddess energy is cyclical, with a spiral being a great descriptor of the journey to our inner goddess.
Around and around we go, conception and birth, nurturance and growth with releasing and death being the final phase. But just like the old Sunday school song that I used to sing, “every round goes higher, higher.”
We continue to learn the lessons but on a higher level.
So, let’s talk about the lunar phases of the moon!
First we have the new moon which is also called the dark moon. During this phase, the moon is not visible from earth because the sun is not lighting the side of the moon that is facing us.
This is the energy of the Ancient Mother aspect of the Goddess. This is the time where we set our intention for the lunar cycle. Your intentions or goals are the seeds and the creative energy within you is the fertile ground in which you plant them.
The new moon lasts for about four days and truly sets the tone for the rest of the lunar cycle. All that you do hinges on the energy that you focus on during the new moon so this is an important time to establish your vision so that you can use the remainder of the lunar cycle to bring it into fruition.
It is optimal for your personal moon flow to occur during this time.
Next is the waxing moon phase which lasts about 14 days and includes the crescent moon as well as the first quarter moon. It is the time leading from the new moon to the full moon. This is Osun’s moon phase and is prime for doing the work that will lead you fulfilling your vision.
This is truly an energetic time and using creative visualization to see the end result as well as feel the joy of accomplishing your goal is of great value.
If there is anything within you that is not in alignment with your vision, that may come up during that time. If you are not able to move past the resistance, then take note and be sure to do releasing rituals during the waning moon phase.
The theme of the waxing moon phase is conception, fertility, and creation. Our work during this cycle supports bringing our seed intentions of the new moon into fruition.
This is the time for celebration! You set your seed intentions at the new moon. You used the creative energy of the waxing moon to move the intentions from the non-physcial realm into the physical. Now the full moon phase is the time for giving birth to your seed intentions.
It never fails how amazed I am at how many goals I accomplish without feeling like there was alot of work involved. Setting goals in faith at the new moon and feeling the success of accomplishing them during the waxing moon allows me to gracefully flow with ease into the realization of my intentions.
The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions rules this moon so this may be a time where emotions run high and creating a baby is easy. If you were born during the full moon phase, you may feel over the top and out of control at times at the full moon. Plan on being here for about 3 days.
Initially, I did NOT like this phase of the moon. First of all, the Goddess of Transformation and Death, Oya, rules this moon and I was a little afraid of what she would ask me to die to.
But I also disliked this part of the moon’s cycle because I actually had to face what prevented me from achieving my goals. I had to commit to releasing my limiting beliefs and behaviors and prepare to try again in the New Moon cycle.
But this has turned out to be one of my favorite most productive lunar phases. At some point I natually began to do releasing rituals and activities once the moon moved into this phase.
I would clear the clutter, clean out my e-mail box and begin to think about which limiting belief I desired to let go of at the time.
This was a time that came to be a respite as I prepared for the new beginnings found in the new moon. More than anything, this became a time when I would call on the Goddess of Death and Tranformation.
I would call her by her many names but especially focused on Oya and Kali Ma. I even call on Oya at anytime I stand in my limitations. Iask that she come through and sweep me clean removing anything that does not allow me to connect with my inner goddess.
I call on Kali Ma by chanting her name: Kali Ma, Om Kali, Kali Ma. I find that this chant helps to bring me to a place where I am courageously able to stand and look at my life for what it really is in order to release and prepare for the new.
During the approximate 11 days of the waning moon, I encourage you to take inventory of what went well during all of the previous phases and what where the challenges. If you can identify a behavior, belief relationship or anything that is dated and no longer serves your higher purpose, then do releasing rituals during this disseminating phase of the moon.
A powerful ritual that I use to this day is I write down the limiting behavior or belief that I wish to release on a piece of paper. I commit to never engaging in the behavior again as I tear the paper. I usually burn, bury and deposit the paper in the river. (Hey, it’s a small piece of paper for you environmental enthusiasts!)
Afterwards, I set my intention at the new moon with a belief or behavior that will replace the old but supports me in walking my truth.
Like I said in the beginning, this is a cyclical process and one that helps to keep me balanced and moving forward. If you don’t do anything else but notice what is going on with you during each moon cycle, you will probably discover that you are often doing the appropriate work.
If you find that you are not, then you now are able to align yourself so that your inner moon flows in alignment with the outer moon.

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