Date: 5/11/2016 5:12 AM PDT

Greetings Beloved,

Thank you for being apart of The Spirit Within U.

I wanted you to know as you step into the awareness of I AM more than this body. I AM magnificent being of light. I choose to support you as yout take the path often less traveled. This path can appear scary, lonely, confusing and painful. I want you to know you do not walk alone and I am and the ancestors are here to support you. Email me at

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I follow the path of my ancestors. Therefore I do not lead like others religions lead. I do not follow like other religions follow. Every step is taken after careful meditation...I walk my own path.

IFA (Yoruba Nigerian Spirituality) - Metaphysical Consultation - Spiritual Consultation - Certified Transformational Coach - Certified Spirit Guide Coach - Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science

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