Date: 1/16/2016 7:07 PM PST

I’m a man of many “what ifs.” I’m constantly wondering about how things would change if there was a greater global consciousness. What would change if we all cared about the Earth? What would change if we stopped all wars? What would change if we got rid of the borders?
The big question on my mind today is: what would change if we all meditated at the same time? Here’s what I think would happen.

We would be more connected to one another.

The sad state of today’s world is based around the fact that we all look at each other as different, as outsiders, potentially dangerous, and not worth knowing. When you spend time in meditation, your mind naturally starts to break down a lot of the assumptions and prejudices you might have. Mass meditation will bring us closer together as people.

We can nearly eliminate crime.

With greater connectedness comes an unwillingness to do harm to one another. In one town in England where meditation was taught and practiced, the crime rate was significantly down compared to surrounding communities. Imagine this on a global scale!

We would calm down.

Meditation has well known calming abilities. It lowers blood pressure, helps us relax, and in the end makes us more focused too. We’d all be a lot more chill if we meditated together and relaxed.

What else could we do?

Broadly speaking, I think we could learn to love one another without condition. We could achieve world peace. We could begin to unlock some of the mysteries of our minds as well as the universe. Most of all, I think the world would be a better place.

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