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By Sudipta Ray on March 3, 2013, via Metaphysical Knowledge

When you read the title “Spiritual Herbs”, I am sure the very first impression that comes to your mind are some sort of magical plants which make you fly like Harry Potter or something, but you might be bit surprised to know that many rather most of these are plants that we use on a regular basis. Some of the herbs that we are going to discuss now have the spiritual capacity. This article on spiritual herbs will perhaps change the way you look at herbs forever. We have tried to discuss those spiritual herbs that can be found easily.

Herbs normally refer to simple plants that have seeds, leaves, and flowers. Most of them are used to flavor food; they are also used as medicines and perfumes. Apart from all these use the herbs can be used for mental and spiritual healing as well.

It is interesting to know how these simple herbs can make such a difference to your lives. We cannot discuss all the spiritual herbs in one article. However, we have tried to mention a few.

Almond is a herb that leads to wisdom and prosperity. Aloe is another very common spiritual herb it leads to spiritual growth, success, protection, and love. This herb also has the ability to protect people from evil. Apple again is good for love and can also help in immortality. Avocado is a spiritual herb that can help to maintain beauty, love and youth. These spiritual herbs can also help to create lust in a relationship.

Bamboo is also a spiritual herb that can bring in good luck. This is exactly why many people keep the bamboo plant in their house. If the bamboo plant grows well it will keep bringing in luck. Another spiritual herb can you can easily find is the banana. This is good with fertility. The banana is also associated with success and passion. Bay leaves are another very common spiritual herb that has the quality to protect people. These leaves have psychic power. They can give success, money and happiness. The spiritual healers believe that leave can do magic.

Blackberry is another common spiritual herb that is used to induce goodness in a person. These herbs can protect and heal. They can also lead to prosperity. Black pepper is the next in the list that we are going to discuss. They can remove negativity from any place. They remove bad vibes and can give protection to all. The blessed thistle also called the holy thistle can purify and remove negativity. It can uplift the luck of the person who is using the same. Blueberry is another common spiritual herb this can be easily found and can play a very important role in protecting the house. With blueberry, you can bless your homes and also improve your luck on legal matters.

Brazil nut is a very common spiritual herb that you can locate easily. This herb can offer protection, prosperity and love to the one using it. Cabbage is a common vegetable that we use in our house. This herb too provides luck, fertility and prosperity. Cardamom is a special spiritual herb that has magical properties. This herb signifies courage, love, and passion.
Carnation is a herb that you can easily locate in any kitchen garden. It gives protection from evil powers. It can also provide healing and creativity to the person using it. Carrot is a vegetable that we eat often. At spiritual level carrot can help to ensure lust and fertility. Cashew is another herb that can be located in any kitchen. This spiritual herb is used to invoke the sun god. This herb can bring in success.

Cedar has the ability to protect. It can remove all negative energies. It is also used to repel snakes. Cherry bark is a very interesting spiritual herb. This herb can induce passion and romance. It also helps to get clarity on the path that we should take. Chrysanthemum is a herb that gives healing and protection.

Cinnamon is a herb that we often use in cooking. I am sure you must have never thought that this simple looking herb can have such spiritual qualities. It promotes dreaming, it can lead to success in business, etc. It can also lead to purification, protection, and spiritual growth.

Cloves again have the very high spiritual capacity. If you place them in your wallet it can bring in luck and money. Coriander is a herb that can create love, passion, and healing. It can attract love. Cucumber also encourages fertility. The herbs that we have mentioned for fertility can be used by men and women who want to conceive. This will help them to conceive faster.
Cumin seeds are spiritual herbs that have the ability to protect the house you live in. They are also used in exorcism. They can heal the house of negative energy. Daffodil can bring in luck. Daisy is a flower that is also used as a herb. This can wake up the fairies. Eucalyptus has very strong spiritual qualities. You can put few drops of it in the water before you take the shower. This can also heal and protect the people.

Garlic is a very common herb. It can protect and help to prosper. It also has good healing capacity. Jasmine is a very common spiritual herb. It can help to dream. It improves love life. Lavender again has the ability to purify and cleanse. It can also bless the house. It has the ability to protect. It can calm you and get you better sleep. If you light a lavender candle in your room before you sleep you will be able to sleep better.

Lemon grass can lead to mental clarity. It repels snakes and can also lead to psychic powers. Lilly is a spiritual herb that can help to remove a love spell. Mint is a common herb that can be found in any house. It helps in spiritual growth and prosperity. It can also help in exorcism.

Onion is a commonly used herb in cooking. Well, you might be surprised to know that it too has the spiritual capacity. It can help in protection and in purification. Orange helps to attain peace, calm, love and luck. Orchid has the capacity to calm down people. It can also help to reduce anger to a great extent. Oregano is a magical herb that can help to deal with issues within laws.

There are much more such spiritual herbs that we will be discussing in the coming few articles. We hope you found this discussion on spiritual herbs. We hope you will be able to use these herbs now to get the best results for yourself. So what are you waiting for? I am sure all the herbs mentioned above will be easily available in your house. Start using them now and get benefited. 

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Article by Goddess Body Mind Spirit 


Connect With Your Inner Goddess: Flow With The Moon Phases

What is so important about the moon phases?
I have been talking about who the Goddess is for a while. So I now want to shift our focus to how does one go about connecting with the energy of her inner Goddess.
One of the most effective ways that I have used to connect with the Great Mother is to align how I operate with the phases of the moon.
You see when we work with this goddess energy, essentially we are tuning into cycles. Goddess energy is cyclical, with a spiral being a great descriptor of the journey to our inner goddess.
Around and around we go, conception and birth, nurturance and growth with releasing and death being the final phase. But just like the old Sunday school song that I used to sing, "every round goes higher, higher."
We continue to learn the lessons but on a higher level.
So, let's talk about the lunar phases of the moon!
First we have the new moon which is also called the dark moon. During this phase, the moon is not visible from earth because the sun is not lighting the side of the moon that is facing us.
This is the energy of the Ancient Mother aspect of the Goddess. This is the time where we set our intention for the lunar cycle. Your intentions or goals are the seeds and the creative energy within you is the fertile ground in which you plant them.
The new moon lasts for about four days and truly sets the tone for the rest of the lunar cycle. All that you do hinges on the energy that you focus on during the new moon so this is an important time to establish your vision so that you can use the remainder of the lunar cycle to bring it into fruition.
It is optimal for your personal moon flow to occur during this time.
Next is the waxing moon phase which lasts about 14 days and includes the crescent moon as well as the first quarter moon. It is the time leading from the new moon to the full moon. This is Osun's moon phase and is prime for doing the work that will lead you fulfilling your vision.
This is truly an energetic time and using creative visualization to see the end result as well as feel the joy of accomplishing your goal is of great value.
If there is anything within you that is not in alignment with your vision, that may come up during that time. If you are not able to move past the resistance, then take note and be sure to do releasing rituals during the waning moon phase.
The theme of the waxing moon phase is conception, fertility, and creation. Our work during this cycle supports bringing our seed intentions of the new moon into fruition.
This is the time for celebration! You set your seed intentions at the new moon. You used the creative energy of the waxing moon to move the intentions from the non-physcial realm into the physical. Now the full moon phase is the time for giving birth to your seed intentions.
It never fails how amazed I am at how many goals I accomplish without feeling like there was alot of work involved. Setting goals in faith at the new moon and feeling the success of accomplishing them during the waxing moon allows me to gracefully flow with ease into the realization of my intentions.
The Goddess of Motherhood and Emotions rules this moon so this may be a time where emotions run high and creating a baby is easy. If you were born during the full moon phase, you may feel over the top and out of control at times at the full moon. Plan on being here for about 3 days.
Initially, I did NOT like this phase of the moon. First of all, the Goddess of Transformation and Death, Oya, rules this moon and I was a little afraid of what she would ask me to die to.
But I also disliked this part of the moon's cycle because I actually had to face what prevented me from achieving my goals. I had to commit to releasing my limiting beliefs and behaviors and prepare to try again in the New Moon cycle.
But this has turned out to be one of my favorite most productive lunar phases. At some point I natually began to do releasing rituals and activities once the moon moved into this phase.
I would clear the clutter, clean out my e-mail box and begin to think about which limiting belief I desired to let go of at the time.
This was a time that came to be a respite as I prepared for the new beginnings found in the new moon. More than anything, this became a time when I would call on the Goddess of Death and Tranformation.
I would call her by her many names but especially focused on Oya and Kali Ma. I even call on Oya at anytime I stand in my limitations. Iask that she come through and sweep me clean removing anything that does not allow me to connect with my inner goddess.
I call on Kali Ma by chanting her name: Kali Ma, Om Kali, Kali Ma. I find that this chant helps to bring me to a place where I am courageously able to stand and look at my life for what it really is in order to release and prepare for the new.
During the approximate 11 days of the waning moon, I encourage you to take inventory of what went well during all of the previous phases and what where the challenges. If you can identify a behavior, belief relationship or anything that is dated and no longer serves your higher purpose, then do releasing rituals during this disseminating phase of the moon.
A powerful ritual that I use to this day is I write down the limiting behavior or belief that I wish to release on a piece of paper. I commit to never engaging in the behavior again as I tear the paper. I usually burn, bury and deposit the paper in the river. (Hey, it's a small piece of paper for you environmental enthusiasts!)
Afterwards, I set my intention at the new moon with a belief or behavior that will replace the old but supports me in walking my truth.
Like I said in the beginning, this is a cyclical process and one that helps to keep me balanced and moving forward. If you don't do anything else but notice what is going on with you during each moon cycle, you will probably discover that you are often doing the appropriate work.
If you find that you are not, then you now are able to align yourself so that your inner moon flows in alignment with the outer moon.

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Date: 5/11/2016 5:12 AM PDT

Greetings Beloved,

Thank you for being apart of The Spirit Within U.

I wanted you to know as you step into the awareness of I AM more than this body. I AM magnificent being of light. I choose to support you as yout take the path often less traveled. This path can appear scary, lonely, confusing and painful. I want you to know you do not walk alone and I am and the ancestors are here to support you. Email me at

image/qoute via pinterest

I follow the path of my ancestors. Therefore I do not lead like others religions lead. I do not follow like other religions follow. Every step is taken after careful meditation...I walk my own path.

IFA (Yoruba Nigerian Spirituality) - Metaphysical Consultation - Spiritual Consultation - Certified Transformational Coach - Certified Spirit Guide Coach - Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science

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This is a herbal talisman which will keep your home safe, both physically and astrally.  
You will need: 

image via 7-themes
A glass jar with a lid 
Half a cup of salt 
Bay leaves 
Dried basil 
Dill seeds 
Black peppercorns 

Gather enough to fill the jar – try to use roughly the same quantities of each herb.  When you have mixed everything in, put the lid on, and shake the jar nine times while saying: 

Salt and herbs, nine times nine 
Guard well this home of mine. 

All of these nine herbs have powerfully protective properties, along with salt, which is an excellent cleanser. Keep this jar in the centre of your home to protect it from all who would do it or you harm.

Spell via wiccan spells

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Date: 5/6/2016 8:09 AM PDT

Reverse Spins picks and reviews the best in metaphysical and esoteric literature, from fiction to some non-fiction. The only prerequisite is that the book must be a good read, and if it's non-fiction then it must read like a story. There is a lack of modern Occult fiction here as you will notice. They all seem to be either wishy-washy, opportunistic, dabblers in witchcraft or UFO's or just plain pabulum, lacking the spiritual disciplines of the Path. Sometimes the books on this list are the best medicine for getting back on the Path when one hits a stumbling block and needs an infusion of inspiration.

image via  bibliopaths


Article Spirit Science Alexandra 05.05.16
image via pinterest

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Published on Apr 20, 2012
Known as "The Father of American Wicca," Ray Buckland was responsible for introducing Wicca to the United States. He was the author of the first American book on the Old Religion written by a witch - WITCHCRAFT FROM THE INSIDE - and has since written over sixty others, including the classic BUCKLAND'S COMPLETE BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT and the three encyclopedias: THE WITCH BOOK, THE FORTUNETELLING BOOK and THE SPIRIT BOOK. 

A prolific author, Raymond Buckland is currently working on his autobiography and three new Victorian mystery novels. Recently published is his Weiser's Field Guide to Ghosts, which has won the First Annual Occult Detective Award for Best Paranormal Release of 2010. Also from Weiser is Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic. The new Solitary Seance (Llewellyn) is now available and Pendraig Publishing has produced Ray's Buckland's Domino Divination and reprinted his Buckland's Practical Color Magick. Pendraig Publishing also offers Ray's exciting new Victorian mystery-thriller that involves the Order of the Golden Dawn together with the Illuminati. It's called Golden Illuminati. This is available not only in book form but also on Amazon's Kindle. Today Ray lives on a small farm in north-central Ohio, with his wife Tara, a Chihuahua named Chico and a Chihuahua mix named Lupe'.

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Date: 3/7/2016 2:05 PM PST

by: Jennifer Carter Avgerinos 

Image Via sapphiresirendreams
It can be very difficult to cultivate inner peace if our surroundings are chaotic or cluttered.  
Cleaning is an everyday task that few of us can avoid, and it provides the perfect opportunity to become one with everything you focus your awareness on (yes, even the toilet). This can be done by giving your cleaning tasks your full attention and staying present in the moment.
You can even turn your cleaning session into a form of bhakti yoga by chanting a mantra, repeating an affirmation, sending love and light to someone in particular or the world in general all while you are performing routine cleaning tasks.
There is a clear connection between cleaning and well-being. Among other things, studies have shown that a neat and clean home can actually lower Cortisol levels. It is possible to learn to care for your body as you care for your home, and care for your home as we care for your body. We need to create a sanctuary in our lives and—and that starts at home. Follow these six steps to help you cultivate sacred space in your home.

Declutter Your Space

Clearing clutter is a proven therapy for creating change in your life. Plus, you never know what you may find. When my husband and I did some spring cleaning, he found an old base violin that hadn’t been used in years and he had forgotten that it was in the spare bedroom. He then sold it for $4,500! Cha-Ching.
Sometimes if there is a lot of clutter, it can be overwhelming to declutter. But once you have cleared the old and unwanted from your space and your life, you can begin to make room for something new. If you have a goal that affects your entire space, try doing something small in each room to prepare for that new reality. For example, if you want a new love in your life, create room in your closet. Planning to expand your family? It may be time to repaint that spare bedroom. You will find that all areas of your life will flow more easily after you have put your home in order.

  • Start small: Pick a room, a closet or just a drawer and get started sorting it out.
  • Commit to clean: Spend 10-15 minutes a day straightening or decluttering a room or the house. This will pay off over time.
  • Go for the gusto. Put on the pressure by hosting a dinner party or inviting the in-laws over for the weekend.  This way, you’ll have a deadline and no excuses.


Clean Naturally

While most household cleaners have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels, it’s a good idea to be aware of the cleaning chemicals that you use on a regular basis and consider how they affect your environment. Are you contributing to the toxicity of your home? Many of us use the products that our mothers used without much thought because we tend to trust the brands we know.
  • Use natural cleaning solutions whenever possible by combining water, essential oils, vinegar or baking soda and keep your home toxin-free while getting the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils
  • Use a few drops of essential oils on your favorite microfiber duster for the aromatherapy benefit of scented dusting


Spiritualize Your Cleaning Routine

Using the power of intention, you can do a spiritual clean anytime to clear negative and stale energy that lingers in your home from past arguments and illnesses. Use candles, sage, or incense—or just create an intention while performing basic cleaning tasks. Whether or not you perform a spiritual housecleaning in your weekly routine, it's a good idea to give your entire home a thorough energetic cleaning at least once a year.
  • Set your intention for cleaning, clearing, protection, and blessings
  • Use sound, scent, and nature to help elevate the energy level in your home
  • Create an altar in your home to honor your space and everything that you love
  • Understand how each room in your house relates to your chakra system. When you clean the kitchen for instance, you are connecting, clearing, and opening energetic blocks to your heart center. Cleaning the bathroom will help you open your solar plexus center, and so on. The Yoga of Cleaning clarifies how the chakras relate to each room in your home.

Create a Custom Sacred Space with Ayurveda

As a sister philosophy to yoga, Ayurveda allows you to use your unique dosha (take the dosha quiz) to create a custom space that balances your mind, body, and spirit in your personal surroundings. With this valuable information, your home will nourish, soothe, and support you.
  • Select colors for your space that will bring you back into balance natural
  • Incorporate fragrances into your space that soothe your senses
  • Enjoy sounds that bring you back into harmony

Space Plan with Vastu

Vastu (the Indian precursor to feng shui) and feng shui share some common core timeless design approaches. Vastu, when translated means the environment and that everyday you are reacting to your surroundings. By following vastu as much as possible, we honor the rhythms that control the universe and establish harmony with nature and ourselves. For the decorating-phobics among you, here is a basic overview for creating a more positive and streamlined space.

  • Lighting is everything. The choice of lighting can set the tone for a room. Bright lighting can be welcoming or energizing, awakening the mind to the possibilities that lie ahead. Lower lighting can trigger relaxation at the end of the day, be seductive and calming. Let lighting set the mood for your space.

  • Bring nature indoors. Whatever your style, plant life and natural elements form a connection to the great outdoors. The more high tech your life may be, the more you may need Mother Nature.

  • Circular or square? Use circular furniture if you want movement or animation and use square furniture if you want to relax or be still. Example: the breakfast table should be round to invoke energy while the dining table should be square or rectangular to elicit calm.
  • For more information on vastu, visit Vastu Living.

Conscious Movement While Cleaning

Studies have shown yoga to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Knowing that physical movement is important to our health and many of us don’t always have time for a workout or yoga class, just 20 minutes a day of vigorous housework can provide your conscious movement for the day—and cut stress by as much as 20%.

  • Calories Burned: Cleaning burns calories, roughly 170 calories per hour for a moderate effort and more than 200 for a vigorous routine.

  • Consider your posture when washing dishes, folding laundry, and dusting. Place a yoga block between your thighs and squeeze it. This will help bring awareness to the tilt of the pelvis or a shift in the hips. It will also remind you to stand straight and root your heels into the floor and stack knees over ankles and hips over knees.

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Date: 2/18/2016 6:12 PM PST

by Jeff Wilson
The Spirit Science
Everyone has the potential to be whatever they want and influence the world in whatever way they desire. There is no denying that each person has certain attributes that have been nurtured more than others. Whether done on purpose or subconsciously, its important that we be able to diagnose our strengths and attend to our weaknesses.
Healers are present in every society and never really sought out until circumstances force us to seek them out. This lack of focus has left potential healers in a state of non recognition. We need healers more than ever, I would surmise, regardless of the fixation on characters like leaders. Below is a list of traits common to healers. Examine your own character and see if this archetype fits you!
1. You are frequently told how soothing it is to be around you.
2. You and the people in close physical proximity of you rarely get sick.
3. You are constantly thinking of how to improve people’s lives.
4. You have probably been diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.
5. You are highly empathetic, to the point that it disrupts your social life.
6. You have a family history of healers. You’re elders may have been doctors, therapists, medical workers, humanitarian protesters, veterinarian workers or guidance counselors. Anything to help people with the human condition.
7. You walk in public spaces with butterflies in your stomach and heightened senses.
8. You have a way with animals. They react to you more calmly or are just happy to see you.
9. Strangers spill their life to you with very little prompting.
10. You are great at massages, though you may have never been to school for it.
11. You experience neck and shoulder pain often. You hold your stress there.
12. You revel in being outside.
13. You are attracted to crystals and are interested in their metaphysical properties.
14. You are interested in spiritual sciences: Reiki, energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture, among others.
15. Your high level of awareness means you are sensitive to certain foods and drinks. You may often have headaches or digestive issues.
16. You sometimes feel random chills, warmth radiating from your core, or your palms tingle and pulsate.
The main elements of a healer boil down to high sensitivity on multiple wave lengths, the ability to manifest energies, highly emphatic feeling and a desire to help those around you. There is no blanket theory or agreed upon path for you to take to develop these feelings. You will have to examine where you are in life and strike out as your resources allow. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling in terms of healing. Everything in the universe strives to be healthy and happy, we just need to be reminded every so often.

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Date: 1/16/2016 7:07 PM PST

I’m a man of many “what ifs.” I’m constantly wondering about how things would change if there was a greater global consciousness. What would change if we all cared about the Earth? What would change if we stopped all wars? What would change if we got rid of the borders?
The big question on my mind today is: what would change if we all meditated at the same time? Here’s what I think would happen.

We would be more connected to one another.

The sad state of today’s world is based around the fact that we all look at each other as different, as outsiders, potentially dangerous, and not worth knowing. When you spend time in meditation, your mind naturally starts to break down a lot of the assumptions and prejudices you might have. Mass meditation will bring us closer together as people.

We can nearly eliminate crime.

With greater connectedness comes an unwillingness to do harm to one another. In one town in England where meditation was taught and practiced, the crime rate was significantly down compared to surrounding communities. Imagine this on a global scale!

We would calm down.

Meditation has well known calming abilities. It lowers blood pressure, helps us relax, and in the end makes us more focused too. We’d all be a lot more chill if we meditated together and relaxed.

What else could we do?

Broadly speaking, I think we could learn to love one another without condition. We could achieve world peace. We could begin to unlock some of the mysteries of our minds as well as the universe. Most of all, I think the world would be a better place.

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Date: 10/7/2015 1:48 PM PDT

a message from Emmanuel Dagher
Tuesday, 6 October, 2015

My friend,

It's an honor to connect with you in this way again. There's so much for us to catch up on, so let's get right to it.

The celestial events that took place in September have changed everything for humanity. The highly charged energies began building during the partial solar eclipse that took place on September 12th/13th and reached their peak on September 27th/28th during the supermoon lunar eclipse.

The energy portal that was created between the two eclipses were so powerful, that it made the energies of the much-discussed Winter Solstice of 2012 feel like a walk in the park.

The Celestial Fireworks Show

The month of September brought us some of the most intense energies we've probably ever experienced in this lifetime. For those who are sensitive to energy, all I can say is ... thank goodness it's now behind us, and that we're on the other side of it.

As mentioned earlier, it all began with the partial Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are some of the most powerful astrological occurrences that we can experience, because they often usher in major new beginnings while closing the chapters to previous cycles.

During an eclipse, we are always being upgraded energetically, so it's easy to feel highly charged, and for some, overwhelmed.

Eclipses are also a great time for healing. So many of us were asked to look deeply at and resolve many of the emotional, mental, and physical imbalances that we were still carrying.

The overall theme that the partial solar eclipse highlighted was for us to let go of the illusion of separation, and remember that we have always been One with the Universe, and with each other.

We were guided to do that by shedding the criticism of ourselves and others, while aligning with a more heart-guided state of being.

If you were someone who experienced feelings that mimicked anxiety in your heart and higher stomach areas, know that you were shedding lifetimes of density that no longer serves you as the mindful and awakened person you have become today.

We then moved into the September 23rd equinox. This is the time when those living in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet begin to prepare for autumn, while our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are about to embark on the return of spring.

The recent equinox gave us the opportunity to magnify the effects of the healing already taking place, as result of the first eclipse of September 12th/13th, especially in the terms of creating greater balance in our lives.

Throughout the highly charged energies of September, something very notable also occurred. Pluto, which has been in retrograde since April of 2015, finally went direct!

What this did was to quickly speed up the last-minute learning we had to do around any remaining lessons we were meant to learn from Pluto being in retrograde. It's sort of like a student who waits until the last minute to study for a big exam.

When Pluto went direct, much of the heaviness we were feeling lifted. Things in our lives that felt stuck or blocked started to move forward again, especially in the areas of relationships, career, work or personal projects, and our personal happiness.

This created a deep sense of readiness for a new beginning, and gave us the boost of energy needed to find our footing once again.

This recent lunar eclipse represents a peak energetic point of reference that will serve as an anchor to facilitating continued greater personal and global change. You may have noticed things are moving very quickly around you at this time, and sometimes it's a little bit of a challenge to keep up with everything.

The grand finale for the celestial fireworks that took place in September came with the supermoon full lunar eclipse. This eclipse marked the final full moon lunar eclipse, until 2018!

You may have noticed that your emotions were all over the place during this time, which is why it's so important to remain well hydrated around the time of every full moon, since emotions are symbolized by the water element, and we are made up of more than 70% water!

With this lunar eclipse, we were guided to align with the most authentic part of ourselves.

We were also asked to complete everything involved in our current cycle that we are ready to outgrow, so that we can begin a new reality aligned with the highest vision we hold for our lives.

The light that poured into our hearts and minds during the last several weeks has been the most powerful we've ever been able to receive, since 'The Great Fall' that took place thousands of years ago, which led our minds to forget who we truly are as eternal Spirit Beings.

If you're not receiving these light energies very well, give yourself a bit of time to integrate. All is well, and will continue to be well.

Simplify to Prepare

During the next few weeks, we will be asked to simplify our lives, to make room for new blessings to come to us.

Over time, most of us accumulate some extra density, whether physical or emotional.
Most people who have ongoing patterns of unhealthy relationships, poor finances, low energy, and other repeating challenges in their lives, tend to have accumulated a great deal of emotional and material density. There is a universal root cause for this.

People often continue to hold onto the density for two reasons:

1. The density is a kind of armor they've built around themselves, as a form of self-protection.
It's easy to see why people feel the need to build a kind of energetic armor around themselves, to protect themselves from the world.

We live in a society that teaches us how to focus on the things we don't like about ourselves, through the false images and standards created by television, movies, magazines, and other media outlets.

On top of that perfectionist standard, many people grew up in households where their parents continuously criticized them for not fulfilling family expectations—not being smart enough, talented enough, thin enough, or simply not having the interests or personality their parents wanted them to have.

That pressure creates a very guarded and confused child, who then grows up to be a very guarded and resentful adult, if those problems are not dealt with.

2. They've identified with the density for so long that they have forgotten who they are without it.
Most of us will wear our armor long enough to start allowing it to define how we show up in the world. We are then held back from noticing and fully receiving the blessings all around us, because we are not acting as our open and aware authentic selves.

We can begin letting go of the armor, and unloading the density we've been carrying around for so many years. One of the most effective things we can do to release our emotional and material density is to simplify our lives and the space around us.

I've noticed that the environment we create for ourselves outwardly is a direct reflection of the environment we've created within ourselves.

Simplifying our physical surroundings at least once every six months makes room for more blessings to enter our lives. This is a great time to do that, especially after all of the intense energies we've moved through in the past few weeks.

If there are any material items that we have not used in over a year—whether it's clothes, books, paperwork, or anything else that's just collecting dust—it's time to donate, sell, or get rid of them!
If there are a few objects that hold a special meaning for us, then of course we can find a place for them. However, the fewer objects we are attached to, the more room we create for new miracles to enter our lives.

Some people may find it easy to begin simplifying and paring down their space, while others may find that it's one of the hardest things they've ever had to do.

If you are someone who finds simplifying your space to be a challenge, be gentle with yourself and take baby steps.

Ask yourself questions such as, "Who am I able to be, when I free myself of all this baggage?" or "How much room can I create, by decluttering my space, for new blessings to come into my life?"
Really reflect on the answers that come to you. These questions will help create new neural pathways in the brain that will begin to bring in higher thoughts. These will help empower you to dissolve the old patterns that have limited you and kept you from living your greatest life.

A healthy environment eventually leads to a healthy mind. Through the act of simplifying our living space, we create an opening for our mind to release its empty chatter.

We're actually giving it the space it needs, to know how to relax and be still and quiet enough to be in the present moment.

When the mind knows fully how to operate and live in the present moment, we move out of linear time and into nonlinear time, also known as "the flow."

It's when we are in the flow that we open ourselves up to the vast blessings the Universe has to offer.
To be in the flow means that we have chosen to keep life simple—and that's when the magic and miracles can happen.

Till next time,
Miraculously yours,

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